Paris - Place du Tertre Montmatre

 Maestro Nicosia was born, in Caltanissetta (Sicily). From the age of five, he showed a real talent for portraits, but after a dispute with the headmaster of the Art School about their programs, he went in for accounting meanwhile studying the classical artists. He took part in all the extempore exhibitions held in Sicily, drinking in its deep colours.

At fourteen, on holiday in Paris, he found himself alone, without any money. So he sold his first portrait in Montmartre… and discovered he could live on painting. From then on he passed each summer painting portraits in the most famous resorts of Europe. After the school of leaving examination, too sad to stay in his island, he moved to Rome where he took up Economy and Commerce, keeping himself painting portraits e Trevi Fountain.

       Continually searching for new ideas about art, he collaborated at Cinecittà on scenarios with Fellini, Bertolucci, Benigni and other artistic directors.

After visiting all the islands in the Mediterranean Sea, he came on the isles of Elba, as beautiful as Sicily, but with a more “open” mentality. He fell in love with it and went back every summer.

Nicosia lived between Rome, Elba and Paris where at the “exposition des artistes indépendants du Grand Palais”; he met Martine, the perfect incarnation of the feminine figure which already were present in his pictures.

Their wedding was the beginning of the magic moment of maestro Nicosia.

He creates the association of the “alive” painters with the purpose to make the most of the painters when they are alive. He organises many exhibitions amongst its “Biannuale a viale Europa”

Discussing with the young people, he realises that by this time the future is in the computer science. The maestro Nicosia is destined to pass in to history like the last painter of history art: “After of me, the computer“.

Paris - Place du Tertre Montmatre